What kind of company is RYOZAN?


What is promotion?

Sales, acknowledgment, understanding, high sensitivity, and the brand royalty of the commodity are promoted, and all the improved activities are said. In a word, it is a name that makes this advertisement, sales promotion, and PR three activities a total summary.

Planning from marketing research

A lot of our company members also are participating in management also by marketing and the consulting company staff, and have results from the execution of various investigations like the entertainment field (toys games and movies, etc.) and the IT telecommunications sector and cosmetics and the fashions, etc. to the commodity and the service project support.

Of course, the marketing research etc. that synchronize with promotion and the campaign are also possible.

Marketing development trust

RYOZAN will connect the client to the occupation and the group route besides the mail order route development in our company. There are a lot of customers that the development of the circulation route of the inside and new, that circulation changes suddenly is examined, and the fee is received by the incentive method of hit & paying. Moreover, honest business activity support to edit wanting the member the caravan is undertaken.

Event holding in Major League Baseball

Stadium Jack was done and PR was done by alliance with Major League "Los Angeles Angels" by presenting UCHIWA(an round fan)to 50,000 people, and using most visions in ballpark on that day of holding. Moreover, it mediates it by alliance with MLBJ of the support sponsor.

Trading show booth design/construction & management

Especially, there are results in B2B client (general trading company of/related to IT/semiconductor-fabrication equipment) and the car relation (part trading company and tire Importar). The narrator's arrangements and potential customer list obtaining in professional skill field. The service offer to DM is possible.

Contents offer

New service that uses the character of the hit TV program for children of NHK education is provided for the child photograph pavilion. As a result, a new customer is supported. RYOZAN will propose new development that uses the character.

■ Address

RYOZAN PARK 3-36-7, Minamiotsuka, Toyoshima-ku Tokyo 170-0005 Japan
Tel. 03-6314-1603  Fax. 03-6800-5859

■ The capital

38,000,000 yen

■ Representative

The President and Representative Director

Michio Tsubouchi

■ Establishment

November, 2000

■ Main bank

Daiichikangyo Credit cooperative Headquarters

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Shinjuku branch

Mizuho Bank Aoyama branch

■ Establishment purpose

1) Development that specializes in direct marketing support business (magazine journalism, customer data base construction, DM sending out agency, and customer communications, etc.)

2) Promotion planning that A customer based strategy enclosing and crowding

■ Work contents

・ Advertising factorage

・ Promotion planning

・ Planning concerning settlement business

・ Direct marketing project, production, and sending out agency

Project and production of digital contents